Who’s Near Me

Who’s Near Me

Who´s Near me, an application to get more from your GPS, has the ability to find contacts close to you and it can also share your actual position with those who have it installed. XDA member SynergeTechSolutions presents this great tool as a new way to start a conversation with someone you could simply approach and talk to.
The application uses information you get from either your GPS signal or network towers, and it uses that to find people that are also using that application.
The application still in beta state but works quite well for Windows Mobile devices.

Originally posted by SynergeTechSolutions
Hello everyone,

We have released a free new Windows Mobile application called Who’s Near Me. In a nutshell, this application uses GPS (or cell tower info if no GPS) to determine your location and then displays other users that are nearby you – along with their photo, age, gender, and bio. You can then start an anonymous message conversation with anyone on the list. It uses your data connection only so you are never charged for any text messages.

The application is still considered beta but has already been in closed testing for a few weeks. Most major issues should be resolved at this point. We plan to add it to the Microsoft Marketplace for Mobile as a free application in the next few weeks – at which point we expect the number of active users to increase substantially. A Windows Phone version (with additional functionality) will also be available at the launch of the WP7 platform.

The application is free (100% free, no advertisements even), small, and pretty cool. The download link is pretty clearly located to the right of the page title. I have also uploaded the current release’s cab file to this post. This current release is focused for touch devices and no testing has been done with non-touch phones. Windows Mobile 5.x and 6.x are both supported. The Microsoft .Net Compact Framework 2.0 is required on the device.

Since the application is in beta, your feedback would be greatly appreciated. You can either use the feedback form in the application or post your feedback to this forum post.

You can find more information in the application thread.

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