Why I Returned my Galaxy S6 Edge+ and Got a Note 5 – XDA TV

Why I Returned my Galaxy S6 Edge+ and Got a Note 5 – XDA TV

Recently I picked up a Galaxy S 6 Edge+. It’s a beautiful device that turned a lot of heads, but unfortunately, I ended up returning it and going for a Note 5. Today we are going to look at some of the things I liked, and the things I didn’t like, and what ultimately led me to return it for the Note 5 This is TK and this is XDA TV.

The Good

The Edge Screen:

  • The first thing that definitely stands out to anybody is the screen on the S6 Edge+.
  • It’s a Beautiful 5.7-inch display with dual curves on the sides.
  • We have pretty much the same features that we had on the Galaxy S6 Edge from earlier this year.
  • The newly added feature here is that you can have app shortcuts, as well as contact shortcuts on the side of the screen.

The Camera:

  • The S6 Edge+ carries the same 16 megapixel sensor from the previous Galaxy S6 series from earlier this year.
  • The pictures that are generated with this camera are beautiful clear with a lot of sharpness so it’s no surprise that everybody loves this camera,

TW is very fast:

  • The main thing that I enjoyed about this device is that TouchWiz is no longer slowing down the system.
  • We have 4 gigs of ram and an octa-core processor that can pretty much handle anything you can throw at it. In the two weeks that I’ve had the device I did not experience a single stutter.

The design:

Now we talked about the screen but we cannot forget that the entire device screams high quality. From the bezels to the back and front panel, you can see that Samsung has upped its game when it comes to designing their devices. Now, we may have lost the SD slot and removable battery, but that was necessary to get this design right

Quick charge for USB/Wireless:

One of the main benefits of having these devices is the ability to charge them very quickly. We have quick charge for USB and Wireless charging methods and that’s something new, no other company can claim that yet.

The Bad

The price:

To start off our top three not-so-good things, we have to talk about the fact that the S6 Edge+ is by far the most expensive of the two flagships released recently by Samsung. With T-Mobile the base 32 gig model starts at 780, and the 64 gig model is at 860. So you are definitely paying a premium price for the dual edge screens on this device. But is it worth it?

The Edge not so special features:

One of the main features is that the edge screen provides this device with its unique look, but unfortunately we lack the software features that make the edge screen a functional addition for that premium price that Samsung is asking for. In my opinion a simple side launcher off Google Play will do the same thing.

Memory management:

The last thing on my list is the fact that we have 4 gigs of ram and a very fast processor but the S6 Edge+ still closes applications in the background shortly after been exited out of. As you can see from the example here, YouTube has to reload all the way from the beginning when selected from the recent apps. Now this is fixable with root, but do we really have to go that far to fix it?


I put my sim card in the device about 2 weeks ago, and I’m using it daily driver. I really like the device, there are a lot of nice functionalities in it, there are a lot of things that I really appreciated about it. I didn’t put a case on it, I want to make sure you guys are aware of that. I did not leave it the way it is, this way I wanted to make sure that I am not damaging my device. Regardless of the fact that it has reinforced sides, the back and the front are made out of glass. Now, in terms of aesthetics the phone looks really nice and I did like it. There were a few other things, of course; the side edge screen was not utilized properly, as there’s really not much you can do with the edge screen other than some nice notifications, but it did not justify the additional $100 premium to go from the Note 5 to that. So with a really really sad heart I am returning my Galaxy S6 Edge+. I just do not see the functionally that would give the benefit that would let me say “hey, I can justify this upgrade”  and move away from my Nexus 6 that had almost all the functionality I am getting here. I did have split-screen applications on my Nexus 6 because of the custom ROM I had on it. So going to the S6 Edge+ did not feel like a big upgrade. I mean, the screen is a little smaller, but that is not a really big issue, as it is a very beautiful screen, So I am going to have put it back in the box and return it. Yeah, I am going to pick up the Note 5, so I really am going to win in the end, I am not going to lose a lot. As much as I like this device and I like the functionalities that come with it, aesthetically pleasing is not something that I would go for, I need to have more functionality, and the S-pen, from what I am seeing, is where it’s at. The fact is that it’s a nice device, and if you are looking something like this do pick it up. I will go with the Note 5 as almost everybody else that I know did.

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