Widget Drawer is an Android app that lets you access your widgets from anywhere

Widget Drawer is an Android app that lets you access your widgets from anywhere

Widgets have been a staple among Android users for years, but where we can place those widgets has changed. With the introduction of Android 5.0 Lollipop, Google felt that the lock screen shouldn’t be a place for widgets because notifications were more important. This change relegated Android widgets to only being placed on the home screen, but many wish they could use them elsewhere. This is where Widget Drawer from XDA Recognized Developer Zacharee1 comes into play.

Widget Drawer adds a ‘handle’ to the side of your screen that opens up an entire drawer that you can use to place your widgets. This can be somewhat compared to the Shelf feature on the OnePlus Launcher, but Widget Drawer can be accessed from anywhere (except the lock screen, not just the home screen. The app does cost a buck and is currently available in both XDA Labs as well as the Play Store, but it is open source so you can find its GitHub page right here.

Widget Drawer Features:

  • Change the height of each widget
  • Set whether a widget should take up 1 or 2 columns in width
  • Reorder widgets
  • Choose whether or not widgets should have an opaque background

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