Will Google Daydream Catch on in 2017?

Will Google Daydream Catch on in 2017?

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Last year, we saw Google announcing the Daydream VR platform to standardize the VR experience on Android. The aim was to ensure a consistent level of VR immersion across devices. OEMs would have to design their phones to meet a list of requirements in order to be Daydream VR certified. At first, the Daydream certification process was not really disclosed, but with the release of the Android Nougat Compatibility Definition Document the process became more codified. Plus, Google took to the stage to discuss the Daydream certification process at CES this year. With a constant push from Google, Daydream is likely to be adopted by more OEMs on their flagships this year.

But even then, consumer attention towards VR content needs to rise to make VR a viable content medium. Rich content needs to be made available across genres for people to show interest, and that is one area that we are seeing gradual expansion.

So our question to you,

Will Google Daydream truly catch on in 2017? Will it become the next go-to form of media consumption, or will it be relegated to niche audiences? What should Google do to ensure higher VR interest from consumers?

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