Will Smartphone Modularity Make a Return in 2017?

Will Smartphone Modularity Make a Return in 2017?

Last year, we saw two OEMs try their hands at smartphone modularity with pseudo-modular cases and phone add-ons. But, we also witnessed the death of the actual modular device, the project that some say had the potential to revolutionize the smartphone industry.

With Google Ara out of the picture and LG also giving up, “modularity” in smartphones only exists (in a limited capacity) on the Motorola Moto Z family.
So the discussion topic for today is:

Will smartphone modularity make a return in 2017? Will any other OEM, or even Google for its matter, venture into smartphone modularity this year? Will other OEMs also look towards adopting, and perhaps standardizing, Motorola’s pseudo-modular approach on their own devices?

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