Win a Pixel 2 from XDA and RhinoShield [Open to All Countries]

Win a Pixel 2 from XDA and RhinoShield [Open to All Countries]

Win a Pixel 2 from XDA & RhinoShield!

RhinoShield has recently launched the all new SolidSuit case. The case itself is made of a honeycomb structure that is designed to absorb the impact of a drop from up to 11 feet. The Premium Black finish gives a touch of class to your phone along with options for Carbon Fiber and Classic Black finishes. You’ll have even more options for customization for the different colored button covers. Pop off your power button cover and replace it with one of the colored alternatives that are included with each case. You also also use the new RhinoShield lenses with these cases, as they easily attach to the back of the case.

RhinoShield’s SolidSuit case works with their modular lens kit.


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