Win a Huawei P Smart 2021 [Open to all Countries]

Win a Huawei P Smart 2021 [Open to all Countries]

Since the launch of HMS core, Huawei has managed to provide solutions for many different industries in countries around the world. They have found a lot of success with their solutions for industries like Travel & Transport, E-commerce, Finance, Media & Entertainment, and Gaming. As HMS core continues to expand, we will see them grow in some areas, or tackle new industries with new solutions.

Travel & Transport apps were able to thrive on Huawei devices thanks to HMS kits like Location kit, Map kit, and Awareness kit. These types of kits help developers create navigation apps, travel apps, transportation apps, and much more.


The E-commerce industry was introduced to Huawei’s innovative kits like Ads Kit and Analytics Kit, which help run profitable ad campaigns with detailed analytics reporting. There’s also Push kit, which enables you to reach your customers through push notifications. These types of kits can be very useful tools for people in e-commerce.

Finance is another area where HMS is able to thrive. Take advantage of Map kit and Location kit to show your users where nearby banks and ATMs are located. Use Scan kit and ML kit to create card reading functions that make using your bank card with your phone, a simple process. These kits can be used together to create powerful financial apps.

Huawei also has solutions for developers that create Media & Entertainment, or Gaming apps. Use AI-enhanced audiovisual with ML kit and AR Engine. These kits can help you create immersive media experiences for your users.

As we make our way through 2021, what industries do you think HMS core will find success in? Use the contest application below to let us know. You could win a Huawei P Smart 2021!

Win a Huawei P Smart 2021!



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