Win a Pixel XL from XDA and RhinoShield, Because Bumpers are Back

Win a Pixel XL from XDA and RhinoShield, Because Bumpers are Back

Phone skins are really great to add style to any phone, plus they’re not expensive, but they provide minimal protection if you happen to drop your phone. On the other end of the spectrum are cases, which are generally more expensive but offer much more protection. Cases are bulky and they don’t let the beauty of your phone show through because they often have to cover all four edges as well as the back of the phone.


That’s where CrashGuard by RhinoShield comes in. CrashGuard is essentially a bumper case, which means that it does not cover the back of your phone but only the sides (thus giving your device a more “naked” feel), but because of how it’s engineered, it provides more protection than most cases. CrashGuard is far superior to the bumpers of the past because it has been engineered to absorb impact. This is done by utilizing a proprietary polymer material that is far more shock-absorbent than plastic, and it also has a protective honeycomb structure within the bumper to disperse impact properly. In fact, within the honeycombs are compartments of pressurized air that act as airbags and deflect impact energy. If that sounds really elaborate, it is, and the net result is that you can drop your phone from a variety of heights (up to 11 feet) and if you have a CrashGuard bumper on the phone, you’re going to have a completely unmarked phone. If you want to see how incredible this protection is, watch this video from David Pogue where he does everything in his power to smash his phone by dropping it from a tall ladder.


Not only are CrashGuard bumpers durable, but they’re lightweight (with most of their bumpers coming in under 14 grams). They’re also pretty grippy thanks to the matte finish, and they come in a variety of colors. Another thing we really like about the CrashGuard line is the pricing: they’re all priced at $19.99-$24.99, and they’re shipped free on Amazon. Check out the listings for the Nexus 6P, Galaxy S7, and OnePlus 3. You can also pre-order a CrashGuard for the Pixel/Pixel XL.

But let’s get into the contest, which is open to all countries, and the winner gets to pick the color! Use the below widget to get started. Contest ends on October 22. Good luck!

Win a Pixel XL!

Thanks to RhinoShield for sponsoring this post and contest.

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