Windows 11 could get background stickers and more new features [Update]

Windows 11 could get background stickers and more new features [Update]

[UPDATE 2/8/2022 @ 4:33PM ET] Even more Windows 11 features have been shared online, including improvements to task management on the taskbar. We’ve added information about them at the end of the article.

Windows 11 is set to get a few new features this month, but we’re already looking forward to what might be in store next. A new leak from Twitter user Albacore has shared an early look at new features coming to Windows 11 at some point in the future. Among the new feature are stickers for the desktop, adding a new layer of personalization to Windows 11.

According to one tweet, Windows 11 will come with a new Sticker Editor app that allows you to add stickers to your desktop background, and those stickers will persist even if you change backgrounds. However, the feature won’t work if your background is a slideshow or if you have multiple monitors, which makes them less useful. This could be a restriction in an early implementation of the feature, and maybe Microsoft will make it possible to use them in multi-monitor setups. Regardless, if you’re a fan of customization, this could be good news for you, though we don’t really know what stickers will look like.

Options to add and edit stickers on the Windows 11 desktop

Image credit: Albacore (Twitter)

Another big change that Microsoft appears to be making has to do with notifications and the focus assist feature in Windows 11. The Focus assist page is being renamed to Focus, and it has a few new options you can toggle. For example, you can enable or disable the focus sessions feature in the Clock app, hide notification badges and flashing for taskbar apps, and mute notifications so they go straight into the action center. This page also includes a new link that tells you how to set focus time in Outlook. It’s possible that you’ll be able to schedule focus time for your PC using Outlook, but this could also be just an additional tool so you can mute Outlook notifications on all your devices.

One option that seems to be missing is choosing between Priority-only mode and Alarms-only mode for focus assist. In fact, you can’t customize your priority list from the Focus page anymore, and this will be moved to the general notification settings page. This page will now give you an option to mute (in addition to disabling) all notifications, so they go straight into the action center without popping up on-screen. Currently, that requires turning on focus assist, but it’ll just be a normal notification setting now. And if you want some apps to break through your mute settings, you can customize the list of priority notifications from this page, too.

One last addition to the Windows 11 Settings app is a new Sustainability page. This page lets you enable the best power options to allow your computer to save energy, and it also gives you a link to learn how to recycle your PC. At the top of the page, there are leaf icons that are apparently meant to symbolize your PC’s “Eco score”, but the feature is not functional yet.

We don’t know when Microsoft could be planning to bring features like stickers to Windows 11 users, but it’s almost certain that Windows Insiders will get to try them first. Microsoft recently said that it plans to be more experimental with the Dev channel and that it will soon give Insiders a window to move to the Beta channel if you want to receive more stable builds. This suggests Windows INsiders in the Dev channel could be in for some big changes in the near future, and that could include these features.

Update: More Windows 11 features leaked

Albacore has shared images of even more features coming to Windows 11 at some point in the future. A particularly big improvement has to do with the taskbar, which will now show you an overflow menu if you run out of space for apps. Currently, the taskbar stops showing more apps once you fill it up, and the last icon will only change when you switch to one of the apps that isn’t currently displayed. This would make it possible to find all your apps on the taskbar much more easily.

In a couple more tweets, Albacore also showed off new hero controls that will show up at the top of the Time & language section of the Settings app. Plus, the System section of the app will display a  warning if the user has installed Windows 11 on an unsupported PC that doesn’t meet the minimum requirements.

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