Microsoft adds a Windows 11 developer event to the June 24 lineup

Microsoft adds a Windows 11 developer event to the June 24 lineup

Just a week from now, Microsoft is set to announce Windows 11 at a live-streamed event. A build of it leaked already, so while we’ve seen the UI, there’s still likely more to tell. The company just added a second event to its public calendar for that date, and this one is for Windows 11 developers.

It’s going to be held at 3pm Eastern Time on June 24, four hours after the Windows 11 announcement event starts. It’s unclear how long that first event will be, but there will definitely be some buffer time between the two.

If you played around with the leaked build, then you probably noticed that all of the built-in apps are the same that you get on Windows 10. They’re regular old UWP apps. That doesn’t mean that these are going to be the apps that ship with Windows 11. Developers will likely be able to target build 22000 or higher in an effort to make use of new APIs.


Another thing that you’ll certainly hear about at this developer event is the new Microsoft Store. It’s going to be a big deal, and Microsoft is going to present it as an economic opportunity for developers.

The Microsoft Store, or the Windows Store as it was called at the time, was born with Windows 8. To get an app in there, you had to build it from the ground up and it had to be a Metro app. That strategy didn’t work, so with Windows 10, the company had what it called bridges, making it easier for developers to get an app in the Store. Project Centennial was one where a developer could package a desktop app as a Store app.

That got more apps, like iTunes, in the Microsoft Store. For developers on Windows 11, there’s apparently no barrier to entry at all. You won’t even have to package your app. Moreover, Microsoft won’t be taking a 30% cut like other companies do.

You’ll be able to watch the event here:

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