Windows Phone 7 Series Build Out!!

Windows Phone 7 Series Build Out!!

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After a big rant about how much people love or hate the new Windows Mobile 7 platform, Xda-dev already has a build floating around in the Windows Phone 7 Series forum under Development and Hacking.

Member l2tp has posted a build of WP7S for some of the developers to start working on. However, if you’re thinking “sweet, I will flash this to my HD2” you might want to hold your horses, this build is only compatible with x86, which means that it only runs on a PC at this point… You guessed it, it is a developers kit (an emulator).

This is still important since it is the first step to trying to crack the new OS wide open to see if we can make it even better. Porting to devices will be a long process since virtually everything will have to be re-written for it to even boot, but at least now we have a sneak peak at the entrails of the beast. Anyways, most of us have been around for long enough to know that this is how it all begins 🙂

You can find more information in l2tp’s thread.