Windows Mobile Threaded SMS Skins by Astronaut

Windows Mobile Threaded SMS Skins by Astronaut

In the never ending quest to modify and personalize your Windows Phone, the question arises, how far do you want to go?

User Astronaut believes it shouldn’t stop at the layout and graphics of your threaded SMS screen. So he created two skins, that give the SMS view a true overhaul.

This is your fashion captain speaking.

What does it do?
It modifies certain files with regard to the standard SMS chat window, enhancing its looks.

What enhancements does it bring?
First of all, and most notably, it adds a top bar with the receiver’s contact picture and his or her name, which remains on top while scrolling through the messages. Secondly, a bunch of images and a different colour scheme give it a new look. Currently, I have two flavours: a Manila / Sense mimicked skin and a Windows 7 inspired one. It works both in landscape and portrait mode.

Any requirements?
Yes sir! Because threading is only supported in WM 6.1 versions and higher, it is only available for 6.1, 6.5 and 6.5.x roms. Use the right version for your device, else it will probably mess up your device.
All resolutions are supported (hopefully) and probably all devices too.

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