Windows Phone 7: A Different World or Not?

Windows Phone 7: A Different World or Not?

So much has been said about the upcoming MS Windows Phone 7: just another OS?, will be possible to port it to older devices just as Chefs currently do with WM6.5.x?, parallel development in process?, skins?, apps?
XDA Moderator Da_G wrote a very interesting point of view of all that is happening around WP7. This perspective will let us understand much better the whole picture.
Definitely worth to read if you are interested on it.

Originally posted by Da_G
WP7/CE6/(future CE7) is quite the different ball game from WM2003/WM5/WM6/WM6.5/CE5/CE5.x…

There’s also the LG Expo which runs QSD/ARMv7, so is a possible target.

The major hurdle with porting is that our current devices contain Radio ROMs, Drivers, and Bootloaders which all target the CE5.x platform. CE6+ is a different beast on a low level (in a good way, there are major improvements across the board which required breaking API compatibility – these improvements have been long overdue)

With access to whitepapers documenting the hardware’s interface(s) and initialization routines, Platform Builder for WP7, and a good bit of time it’s certainly possible to bring any platform supporting ARMv7 up to WP7.

You can find the whole article in the discussion thread.

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