Windows Phone 7 Ported To The Toshiba Tsunagi

Windows Phone 7 Ported To The Toshiba Tsunagi

It looks like the HTC HD2 just lost its crown as the only device carrying Windows Mobile as its native OS that is capable of running Windows Phone 7. Everyone, say hello to the Toshiba Tsunagi (TG01 and TA01) equipped with Microsoft’s newest OS (well, it isn’t Mango, so it isn’t exactly the newest). This is all courtesy of XDA Recognized Developer Nokser who has been working on this project for a several months now. Due to the complexity of getting the OS to run, the project was almost left for dead a few times. However, new discoveries and help from other people, pushed Nokser to finish this one off with style. The current release is quite buggy, please do not expect to have a 100% working device from the get go as this will not happen. Some of the most recent bugs include the lack of a working camera, inability to zoom in maps and pictures, poor phone signal and 3G, and incredibly slow charging for the battery. Some other people have reported that shortly after flash, they were only left with 30 MB out of a 512 MB image.

Other than the aforementioned bugs, the one who were successfully able to flash this are testing this out left and right to try and come up with solutions to the bugs. If you feel like joining the revolution, please make sure that you (if you have a Tsunagi, that is) flash this and help the dev out. Who knows? This may be what is needed to breathe new life into older devices.

Currently the system has many drawbacks. The only problem is not operating the camera, it’s probably one of the more imperfect During the update, windows phone, will be corrected all defects and faults.

You can find more information in the original thread.

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