Windows Phone Internals Opens the Custom ROM World for Lumia Phones

Windows Phone Internals Opens the Custom ROM World for Lumia Phones

Somewhere around a decade ago, when XDA was a little forum based in Netherlands, users gathered together to make some modifications to Windows phones. It was one of the few, if not only operating systems that allowed modding to such degree.

Many amazing developers started their careers hacking their Windows Phone devices, but when Android appeared, everything changed. Microsoft decided to tightly close all its systems making them similar to iOS. Windows Phone has almost died.

XDA was always about crossing boundaries and limitations. There is always an exploit waiting to be discovered and used to gain control over technology. One of the Windows Phone legends  – XDA Recognized Developer Heathcliff74 – did something utterly amazing and created a tool that makes Windows Phone enthusiasts cry tears of joy. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Windows Phone Internals. WPI allows users to unlock the bootloader on selected Lumia phones. After this process, devices can obtain similar rights to Superuser rights on Android. This means that we might finally see some custom ROMs landing on nearly forgotten Lumias.


Heathcliff74 announced that Windows Phone Internals support most versions of Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 Mobile. These two operating systems are shipped with most currently available Lumia phones. There is a great chance that your device might be supported and you can unlock your phone.

There are two detailed videos on which Heatcliff74 shows how to use his tool. While it looks simple, you should use this tool with caution. Messing around with bootloaders is always risky, so there is always a chance to hard brick your device.

On the first one you can learn some basics.

Second video teaches you how to create a custom ROM with root access.

You can find more details about this tool by visiting the forum thread and Heathcliff74‘s website on which the Windows Phone Internals are shared, or read the XDA thread. Thanks to XDA Senior Moderator timmymarsh for the tip!

Are you excited to see some new custom ROMs on Lumia phones? Are you ready to get a Windows Phone device? Share your thoughts in comments below!

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