Windows Server Insider Previews pulled as Windows 11 pushes forward

Windows Server Insider Previews pulled as Windows 11 pushes forward

Microsoft has announced the Windows Server Insider Preview builds are currently on hold. That means that there won’t be anything new for a little while while the team “gears up for the next development cycle”. Not only that, but the current Windows Server Insider Preview, build 20344, has been pulled from the download page.

The next development cycle, of course, is Windows 11. Here’s how this goes. Microsoft is still working on Windows Server 2022. Just because the preview builds are gone doesn’t mean that the thing they were working on is gone. There’s also still going to be a Semi-Annual Channel release later on this year. But now that Windows Insiders are testing out a client version of Windows 11, some of that is going to translate into the Server end of things.


We’ve seen it before, where Windows Server 2016 was built around Windows 10, and Windows Server 2012 was built around Windows 8. They even share a lot of the same UX. While Microsoft hasn’t confirmed or denied this, it’s entirely possible that Windows Server 2022 will have the Windows 11 UX.

Another thing that’s possible, even likely, is that the Semi-Annual Channel is going to go away. Windows 11 client is going to be updated annually, instead of biannually like Windows 10 is. The reason is because it allows for more stable updates for businesses. Doing two updates a year simply didn’t work. Since client is making this change, it would be surprising if Server didn’t do the same.

You can expect to hear more about Windows Server Insider Previews soon, but Microsoft has a lot to talk about first. It has to unveil the new version, talk about how it’s going to do updates moving forward, and so on. After it does all of that, then you can expect to see new preview builds.

Once they are available, you’ll be able to download them here. As of right now, the dropdown menu only has one item that says, “Preview builds are temporarily on hold”.

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