Windows Subsystem for Android now runs Android 12L and gets lots of improvements

Windows Subsystem for Android now runs Android 12L and gets lots of improvements

Microsoft is rolling out an update for the Windows Subsystem for Android for Insiders running the latest build of Windows 11 in either the Dev or Beta channels. This update, version 2204.40000.15.0, brings along a ton of improvements, starting with the fact that WSA now runs Android 12.1, which is more commonly known as Android 12L.

There’s a lot more than that, though. For starters, Android apps now support advanced networking features on Windows 11, meaning you can use Android apps to connect to other devices on the same network as your PC, like smart cameras or a speaker. Android apps also integrate better with Windows now, so you can see what Android apps are using your microphone, location, just as you would with a native Windows app. Notifications from Android apps have also been improved to integrate better with Windows notifications.


The new Windows Subsystem for Android also comes with a brand new Settings app, which is redesigned from the ground up. It now has grouped navigation to make it easier to find the options you’re looking for, and there’s a new diagnostic data viewer so you can see what data has been collected by the Windows Subsystem for Android. On that note, Microsoft is also disabling optional diagnostic data by default, and you’ll have to enable it if you want to help Microsoft further improve the experience.

Microsoft has also worked out a handful of bugs with Android apps that use the camera. Camera orientation should now follow the natural orientation of your hardware, plus issues with camera previews as well as distortion of the camera feed have now been fixed. Input devices should work better, too, with improved support for scroll wheels in mice, fixes for keyboard focus, and more.

The full changelog also includes some other interesting tidbits, such as support for video hardware decoding with VP8 and VP9 formats, the built-in WebView being updated to Chromium 100, and more.

Microsoft does warn of some issues with this version of the Windows Subsystem for Android, including instability with camera apps on Arm devices, printing, and a few more. Some of these issues are caused by the transition to Android 12.1, according to Microsoft.

If you’re running Windows 11 build 22621 or above, you should be able to grab the update from the Microsoft Store. It may be rolling out gradually, though, as we’ve been unable to find it ourselves. This version should eventually make its way to everyone.

Source: Microsoft

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