Get the Windows Taskbar and Start Menu on Android OS

Get the Windows Taskbar and Start Menu on Android OS

A lot of users of Windows 8 were angry when they took away the classic Start Menu and replaced it with the more touchscreen friendly “Modern UI” start screen. Demand for the return of the Start Menu has been so strong that there are numerous programs out there that recaptures this element of the UI, and in fact, has forced Microsoft to bring it back in a future Windows OS update. Now it seems like there are some folks who like it so much that they’ve brought it over to Android.

XDA Senior Member leducbao has managed to develop an Xposed module called TaskBar that enables a task bar and start menu very much like those seen in Windows OS to run on your Android device. Once downloaded and enabled, the module inserts a hovering Start button on your screen, which once tapped, brings up a taskbar and a Start Menu. The taskbar displays tabs of all your running apps, and can be customized with three preset themes, and can have its position and notification icon changed. The Start Menu displays all your apps, and have a couple quick settings which you can toggle and change if you wish. Customization options further include editing start menu items, layout and button among others.


TaskBar is quite a nifty app serving as a sidebar with a very familiar and much adored interface. If this sounds like something you want to try out, you can find out more at the TaskBar Xposed Module thread.

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