Windows Terminal 1.15 Preview adds keyboard text selection and scroll marks

Windows Terminal 1.15 Preview adds keyboard text selection and scroll marks

Microsoft has updated the preview version of Windows Terminal to version 1.15, bringing along a couple of significant improvements to the user experience. First off, there’s now the ability to use mark mode to select text using the keyboard.

By pressing Ctrl + Shift + M, users can enter mark mode, and once it’s enabled, you can hold Shift while pressing the arrow keys to select text. You can also press Ctrl + A to select all the text in the Terminal’s buffer. It’s a seemingly small improvement, but if you’re used to selecting text with the keyboard in other apps, it can be very beneficial.


In addition to this, Windows Terminal Preview 1.15 adds experimental support for scroll marks, so you can more easily find something specific in your terminal history. Scroll marks can be navigated using terminal actions to jump directly to a specific mark, or you can also enable the ability to see scroll marks on the scroll bar so you can manually search for the text you want. As mentioned, this feature is still experimental and Microsoft warns that it’s subject to changes, but it’s certainly another welcome addition for those that heavily use the Windows Terminal.

Scroll marks in Windows Terminal Preview 1.15

This release also comes with a few smaller improvements, including support for the DECPS escape sequence, which allows users to play sounds through the terminal, plus new keyboard accelerators for the Windows Terminal’s shell extension, so you can use keyboard shortcuts to open files or folders in Terminal, Terminal Preview, or Terminal (Dev).

Alongside the Windows Terminal Preview 1.15 release, Microsoft has also made the previous preview version, 1.14, available in the stable channel. This version includes the ability to set a single background image for Terminal layouts with multiple panes, spreading the image across the panes. It also packs some visual changes to various elements of the UI, including tabs, the scrollbar, and more to bring it more in line with the Windows 11 design language.

You can update Windows Terminal Preview through the Microsoft Store, or download it using the link below if you’re interested. You can also install the stable channel of Windows Terminal, though it should be pre-installed on Windows 11.

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