Winners Announced for the Google Play Indie Games Festival

Winners Announced for the Google Play Indie Games Festival

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A couple of months ago, Google announced they would be hosting the first annual Google Play Indie Games Festival. The idea was to highlight some indie mobile game developers that have produced a great entertainment experience for mobile. There wasn’t even a requirement that the game be available in the Play Store at the time of submission. Google just wanted to give some attention to game developers that deserved it and then reward them for their work.

At the end of last month, Google announced the 30 finalists who would go on to compete at an event held in San Francisco. At the time the finalists were first announced, only 10 of the games that were nominated were actually available in the Play Store. Now, 17 of the nominated games are currently available and more are confirmed to be released later in the year. So be sure to check out all of the nominees as each of them offer something unique to the mobile gaming experience.

The event in San Francisco was held on September 24th, and now Google has officially announced the winners of their first annual Google Play Indie Games Festival. Winners of the event were bit bit blocks, Numbo Jumbo, and Orbit. With finalist nominees also including Antihero (coming in 2016), Armajet (coming in 2016), Norman’s Night In: The Cave (coming in 2016) and Parallyzed.

All finalist nominees received a combination of prizes that include Google I/O 2017 tickets, a Tango Development kit, Google Cloud credits, an NVIDIA Android TV & K1 tablet, and a Razer Forge TV bundle. Google has said they are bringing the Indie Games Contest to European countries next and will soon announce which countries will be eligible for the event. So be sure to prepare your best game to be entered as it could be a great opportunity to introduce your work to a worldwide audience!

Source: Android Developers Blog