WinPayDay: Paycheck Estimator

WinPayDay: Paycheck Estimator

This new application is a really good way to estimate your net income after putting in the hours you worked.
When you first start the application, called WinPayDay and made by XDA developer walkeryan, you can enter things like your Pay Rate, Pay Period, Taxes, Overtime Rate and more. After that, your net income will be calculated by entering the amount of hours you worked and you get an estimation of what your Paycheck will look like.

Originally posted by walkeryan

I decided to make this app out of necessity as I (as I’m sure some of you do as well) work a job where my hours vary from pay to pay. I created this program to estimate how much my paycheck is going to be. Once your information is entered all you will need to do is enter in the amount of hours and it will give you a break down of everything that should be on your paycheck.

This app is in it early beta stages and it will have some bugs which I’ll note below. I figured I’d release this to you guys to see how many people are interested and see if I should continue development and also get some feedback from you guys.

The application is free, you can download it in the application thread. There you can also find more information, screenshots, and discuss the program.

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