WM 6.5.3 & IE6 – registry settings that greatly impact usability

WM 6.5.3 & IE6 – registry settings that greatly impact usability

Member trueg brings you 2 sets of registry settings that will enhance the way you view web pages on Internet Explorer 6.

Originally posted by trueg
There are two sets of registry settings that I think greatly impact the usability of IE in WM 6.5.3 (and possibly newer builds).

Enable Auto Font Resize

With the introduction of WM 6.5.3, Microsoft made several changes to Internet Explorer.
Viewport Settings

Notice in the above screenshots that in WM 6.5 the text is clearly readable, though not all of the page fits on the screen.

The changes in 6.5.3 now allow the entire page to fit, but the text is smaller and less readable. Perhaps you would assume that this is unavoidable if you want to fit the entire page, but that is not the problem.

IE is actually very good at page rendering if it knows what size of screen you have.

Microsoft sets the default viewport size to 800×600. This means that IE will render the page for an 800×600 screen and then zoom out to fit the entire page. Note that the default for WM 6.5 is 1024×768.

Continue on to the application thread for more information and the screenshots.

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