wmDownloader V0.2 Available

wmDownloader V0.2 Available

wmDownloader was released last December, and it seems its time for an update. There’s a new version of the very popular and unique wmDownloader available since the start of February. It brought a couple of changes compared to version 0.1. The new wmDownloader not only has the usual download abilities of the old version but comes with a new User Interface and more.

Originally posted by elektro255

This application allows you to easily download files from One-Click-Hosters like rapidshare. It can be used to download your files overnight without use of PC, but remember to plug your PocketPC to charger.
I recommend turning of not cheap GPRS data connection in case of WiFi lost connection.

Known bugs:
– not all rapidshare error messages are parsed
– directory browser can’t create new directory
– some minor UI bugs like formatting timer

Change log:

– code prepared for multiple upload websites
– added config for download folder
– new UI
– .NET CF 3.5 used
– initial write

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