WMDreamRemote v0.7 – Now With Video Streaming

WMDreamRemote v0.7 – Now With Video Streaming

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Tilleke‘s WMDreamRemote app allows owners of a Windows Mobile powered device to control their Dreambox (a Linu-running, HD compatible, personal video recorder) remotely. Using the Dreambox’s internet capabilities it is now possible to connect to the set-top boxfrom anywhere with an internet connection, to instuct it to record a show that you’re worried you might miss.

Similar apps have been available for the iPhone for some time now, leaving WM users to miss their favourite TV as they frustratingly forgot to record it. WMDreamRemote integrates the Dreambox’s electronic program guide (EPG) to allow users to browse through shows quickly and easily, before setting recording timers and being able to completely forget about missing them for the rest of the day. When you return home, they’ll be waiting for you on your box.

Tilleke’s latest update to the application goes one step further, giving streaming functionality (among many other useful features) that means you can watch TV through your phone, so long as you have a decent 3G/WiFi signal.

Although currently in beta, this app is definitely not worth missing. Find it in the application thread.