How to Use Wondershare FamiSafe app to Manage Kids’ Screen Time 

How to Use Wondershare FamiSafe app to Manage Kids’ Screen Time 

In the United States, the average age at which a child first gets a smartphone is ten years old. Children left unsupervised have access to many different apps that could expose them to unwanted materials. Whether it’s a streaming service, chat application, or social media apps, children can be viewing any type of content or talking to strangers online. This level of access for children can be a legitimate cause for concern for many parents. The ability to monitor your child’s smartphone activities can be essential in keeping them safe.

There are many different ways you can go about protecting your family online. VPNs are popular as a way to protect your identity online and prevent your online activity from being tracked. You can also set up child-safe modes on a phone if the manufacturer has included that feature. But the best way to control and monitor what your child is doing on their phone is to use Wondershare’s FamiSafe Parental control app.


FamiSafe is the most reliable way to manage your children’s phones, even if you have many children of different ages. Help your children form good digital habits by limiting their device usage. Keep track of where they’re at with real-time GPS location data. Most importantly, keep them out of danger by blocking apps and sites that could expose them to bullying or child predators. It’s a great full-service solution to make sure your children are using their smartphones or tablets in a safe way.

Wondershare FamiSafe is available on Apple Store and Google Play. FamiSafe can also monitor Amazon Kindle Fire and Win/Mac PCs.

FamiSafe Control Panel

FamiSafe Parental Control Features

FamiSafe offers many features to help parents easily control the content on their child’s phone. The Activity Report generates a comprehensive timeline of events, showing your child’s usages throughout the day. This report is sent to your phone and is very easy to understand. You can get a general idea of your child’s daily activities at a glance. This report will show every app they’ve used, as well as the usage time for each app.

If you see your child using an app that isn’t safe, the App Blocker & Usage feature will come into play. You can remotely control which apps you want to block on the target phone, or set time limits on apps being used excessively. So during your review of the daily timeline, you might see that your child has used TikTok or YouTube for several hours. Just set a time limit on that app, and you will be able to encourage more time spent on homework or more productive activities. These restrictions can also be location-based. So when a child leaves the home, usage for a particular app can be limited or granted.

The web browser is another place where a child could get into some trouble. The Web Content manager lets you review a user’s browsing history, as well as block access to inappropriate websites. You can also keep a blacklist of specific websites that you want to restrict.

The best way to prevent your child from having inappropriate contact with people online is to use the Parental Alerts feature. This will send an alert to your phone when explicit texts or messages are detected. This is good for social media websites and chat applications. It can also detect pornographic photos, which could help keep child predators at bay.

The last notable feature is Family Locator. It’s simply a real-time GPS tracker for every phone in your FamiSafe setup. This will show you where a user is, as well as the location history of where they have been. You can set up Geofences which will alert you if a child has gone outside of the approved area.

How to Use FamiSafe on Android, iOS, and Other Devices

If you’re looking for help with setting up your FamiSafe system, these user guides make the process very simple. You will be able to find guides on how to set up a device for an adult and a child. There are tutorials for Android, iOS, MAC, or Windows devices.

When signing up for FamiSafe, you’ll be able to use third-party login services like Google and Facebook. iOS users will be able to use their Apple ID to sign up, making the process as simple as possible. When you’re ready to add a child’s device, it’s as easy as entering in a code that will like their phone to your account.

FamiSafe is a great way to manage the content that your family has access to. You can set it up to be strict or as relaxed as you need it to be. The simplicity and real-time reports are what make this such an effective system. Harsher restrictions can be put into place as a result of misbehavior, or you can grant more permissions as a reward system. Get started today by checking out the available price plans.

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