Would You Buy an Android Phone With No Headphone Jack?

Would You Buy an Android Phone With No Headphone Jack?

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The launch of the iPhone 7 put some fresh arguments into the debate of whether headphone jacks should go. LeEco was the first one to go headphone jack-less, and Motorola/Lenovo followed suit with the Moto Z.

While Apple does not get credit for being the first to get rid of the jack, past experiences suggest that Apple will be the company that breaks the industry inertia. While not many Android OEMs have come forth with plans to get rid of the headphone jack (heck, Moto even added it back for the Moto Z Play), there are good chances that we will see more OEMs experiment with getting rid of this piece of technology. So, the question for today is quite straightforward:

Would you buy an Android device which does not have a headphone jack? Would you support an OEMs decision to go wireless or be dependent on the USB Type C for personal audio needs, and/or be willing to forego the 3.5mm jack? Are you content with not being on the so-called “bleeding-edge” of technology?

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