Would You Like to See a OnePlus 5T?

Would You Like to See a OnePlus 5T?

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Most smartphone OEMs started their business by releasing one flagship smartphone each year and some have released some low-end and/or mid-range devices to offer even more choices to their consumers. It worked well for many. but a number of companies have started to release two different flagships each year. With Samsung, we have the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series while LG has the G series and the V series. Last year OnePlus added a revised version of the OnePlus 3, the OnePlus 3T, and currently rumors are suggesting we’ll see a revision of the OnePlus 5.

Smartphones manufacturers who are releasing these two different flagships each year generally have a motive behind it (besides additional sales). For Samsung, it was to offer a high-end smartphone with a stylus that was done so it wasn’t forced on their regular smartphone customers. LG’s V series originally offered a secondary display, a removable battery and a focus on its camera performance and media creation. Last year, OnePlus released a device that was nearly identical to its predecessor, barring a few upgrades in key areas.

Instead of keeping their original flagship for the year on the market, it was replaced by one with better specs (an improved camera and faster SoC). Many were speculating that OnePlus would do the same this year when rumors said Qualcomm would be releasing the Snapdragon 836 SoC. Now, we know the SD836 doesn’t exist but people are still speculating about the OnePlus 5T. This rumor has picked up more steam since a number of regional retail channels ran out of stock for the OnePlus 5.

Some say OnePlus is readying a 18:9 smartphone with thinner bezels to replace it, but we won’t know until something official has been announced. If true, it would allow OnePlus to join the minimal bezel club after the OnePlus 5 offered bigger bezels than its predecessor .

Would like OnePlus to release a OnePlus 5T as we lead into 2018? Would you like to see the company stick with the same design they currently have, and include some improved hardware? Would you like to see them release a completely redesigned smartphone that takes advantage of some of 2017’s popular trends? If you own a OnePlus 5, how would you feel about a OnePlus 5T coming out less than a year after your purchase?

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