WP7Android Project Now Available On The Market

WP7Android Project Now Available On The Market

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For those of you who have been following the WP&Android Project by XDA forum member TheRedDrake, the news from fellow XDA member ms7p is that WP7Android Launcher Lite is now available on the Market.

If you haven’t been following the development and progress, WP7Android Launcher is basically a Windows Phone 7 Launcher for the Android OS and is a Metro UI Launcher written from the ground up to ensure that the entire WP7 experience can be utilised.

The dev states that this is not just a skinned or tweaked existing launcher and integrates with other WP7 apps in the suite of WP7Android apps.

If you visit the original application thread, the XDA dev has also posted that XDA members can receive 3 full apps free.

For current feedback, check out the forum thread, and for more detailed information head to the original application thread.