Writer’s Blocks 5 Helps You Turn Small Ideas into Full-Length Stories

Writer’s Blocks 5 Helps You Turn Small Ideas into Full-Length Stories

It’s often said that big trees come from small acorns. The same goes for long-form writing — you can often turn a small idea into an epic story. Writer’s Blocks 5 helps you make that journey, with a powerful outliner and word processor in one. Every idea you save in the app can be expanded into a full-size document. It’s the perfect workflow for authors, scriptwriters, bloggers, and journalists — and it’s now just $39 (Windows) at the XDA Developers Depot.

Unless your name happens to be Jack Kerouac, it’s impossible to just sit down and write a novel. Long-form writing of any kind takes plenty of preparation, planning and thought. 

Writer’s Blocks 5 enhances your creative process and allows you to venture off in any direction. You start by writing down your ideas in the outliner tool. This works like a sticky-note mind map, allowing you to create connections and place ideas anywhere on a digital whiteboard. Alternatively, you can use colors to organize your outline and drag your ideas into columns.

You can develop any idea by clicking on that note. This takes you through to a word processor interface, where you can write as much as you like. Writer’s Blocks 5 gives you everything you need for producing a complete manuscript, and you can easily reference other notes while you write.

Order now for $39 to get the software on Windows, worth $149.


Writer’s Blocks 5 – $39

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