The new Wyze Lock Bolt secures your front door without the cloud

The new Wyze Lock Bolt secures your front door without the cloud

The popular smart home brand, Wyze, has launched its latest product and it’s pretty interesting on multiple fronts. It’s no secret the company has faced some stern, but well-deserved, criticism of late. After all, not disclosing a serious security vulnerability — when your products are deployed in the interests of home security — well that’s not good. But in the case of the Wyze Lock Bolt, there is no cloud connectivity.

Immediately that will sit better with those who are skeptical about connecting their home to some remote servers. The Wyze Lock Bolt ditches this in favor of local, Bluetooth-based connectivity. That enables it in the Wyze app but doesn’t rely on having a Wi-Fi connection. The app can then be used to interact with key features such as recording fingerprints, creating door codes, and checking lock and unlock history.


The Wyze Lock Bolt enjoys both a keypad and fingerprint as a mechanism to unlock your door. The fingerprint sensor, Wyze says, will recognize your print in half a second and unlock the door within the other half of that second. And since it’s weatherproof, a bit of moisture is no barrier.

Wyze Lock Bolt

Specifically, the Wyze Lock Bolt is IPX5 rated so even in the rainiest climates it should brush it off. And as there are no keys on it, it can’t be picked, either. The fingerprint is the ideal way to open the door, but the keypad is pretty nifty as well. It has “peep protection,” allowing you to add random digits on either side of your actual code and it’ll still open. Locking is just as easy with a single button press all that’s needed, but there’s a built-in timer to automatically do it if you forget. Let’s face it, we’ve all done it.

The Wyze Lock Bolt is powered by four AA batteries, but in the unlikely event they run dry there’s a USB-C port on the bottom. This lets you add a quick, instant charge, just enough to unlock and get inside.

The Wyze Lock Bolt will cost just $70, which is extremely enticing to get into the world of smart locks. Unfortunately, it’s showing sold out already, so you’ll have to keep an eye out for when more are available.

    Ditching cloud connectivity for simple Bluetooth, this is one of the most affordable, easy to use smart locks around.

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