Moto X Pure Battery


The Moto X Pure is a very exciting phone when it comes specs vs. price. I have been very surprised by this phones screen, camera, performance, build quality and software. For $399 so far it’s a great device. Defiantly the best I have seen from Motorola so far. It’s time now to look at the feature that will make or break a phone which is the battery. I am such a small boy, so let’s take a look at the battery life and run some tests. 

Battery Life

The 3000mAh battery will get you through the day with light use. Medium to heavy use will require a quick charge to get by. The battery is pretty disappointing. Even with the 3000mAh battery size it performs worse than other phones with smaller batteries like the Galaxy S6.

I ran the GeekBench3 battery tester with the following results.


With the tester running and the screen awake throughout, the phone lasted 1:33:20 until it was drained to 50%. It lasted just over three hours to drain completely. That scores below the LG G4 and Galaxy S6. Dang.

Now let’s talk about how to extend that battery life as much as we can. There is the standard stock Android battery saver that you can activate through the settings.


What’s a bit more interesting is an XDA user has put together a guide that shows you how to reduce the screen size from 2K down to 1080p. You’ll have to be rooted for this method to work but it’s very effective at saving you some battery life. Check out the thread here.

XDA Thread

Fast Charge

The fast charge is as fast as an Alaskan bobsled team, sledding down a 90 degree slope, being chased by abominable snowmen on rollerblades. I plugged it in for 15 minutes and came back to find the device was already near 60% charged. That’s less time than it takes me to build up the courage to try to drown myself in the bathtub.

If there was one weak point with this phone, it’s the battery. You can get by because of the really nice fast charging or using one of the battery saving techniques from above. I would have expected the battery life to be a bit better with a battery of that size. These tests were done with this phone running Android Lollipop but they plan on updating to Marshmallow soon. Once that happens, I’m sure there will be a boost in battery life.