Xbox will support AMD’s super resolution tech for higher quality gaming

Xbox will support AMD’s super resolution tech for higher quality gaming

Earlier this week, AMD announced FidelityFX Super Resolution, the company’s answer to NVIDIA’s DLSS. Unlike DLSS, which is only available on NVIDIA’s select GPUs with Tensor Cores, AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) is open source and works with a broad range of GPUs — including some NVIDIA GPUs. Microsoft has already expressed interest in bringing the tech to Xbox consoles. And to make it a reality, the company is now releasing a preview of FSR for Xbox game developers.

Xbox director Jason Ronald announced in a tweet that FidelityFX Super Resolution is now available to preview for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One consoles. Developers can try out FSR in their games using Microsoft’s Game Developer Kit starting today.


For unaware, AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution is an image upscaling technology that boosts the performance of games by enabling them to render at much higher resolutions/framerates. It uses an advanced edge reconstruction algorithm to analyze and detect edges and recreates these edges at a higher resolution while also enhancing textures and boosting sharpness.

AMD FSR can be a big deal for Xbox consoles, especially for the aging Xbox One. It can also extend the lifespan of consoles by some years, allowing users to continue to play the latest titles without bogging down the hardware or sacrificing visual quality. But whether it lives up to its hype remains to be seen.

However, don’t expect any Xbox title with FSR support to launch any time soon, though. The technology is still in the preview phase, and there’s no clarity on when developers will be able to start shipping it in their games.

AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution is currently available in seven PC games: 22 Racing Series, Anno 1800, Evil Genius 2, Godfall, Kingshunt, Terminator: Resistance, and The Riftbreaker. AMD says it’s working with game studios and developers to bring more title on the market, with titles like DOTA 2, Far Cry 6, and Resident Evil Village coming later this year.

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