Xbox gets new controls for parents to manage their child’s spending

Xbox gets new controls for parents to manage their child’s spending

Microsoft has announced that it is adding some new features to the Xbox Family Settings app, specifically for parents who are worried about their kids overspending on games. These new features will offer full control to parents allowing them to track and manage their children’s spending when they game.

As per a blog post by Kim Kunes, GM for Xbox Family, Trust, and Safety, “One of the top pieces of feedback we’ve received from parents about the Xbox Family Settings app is to include options to track and manage kids’ spending.” Apart from spending money to buy a game itself, multiple titles have in-game items that can cost as little as a few cents going up to thousands of dollars. This is one of the main reasons parents get an inflated credit card bill, as it is often left unchecked.


Xbox Family settings app with spending limit features

Here are all the new features that are making their way to the Xbox Family Settings app:

  • Spending limits: Parents can now manage how much their child spends by allowing them to add money to their account from the app. By doing so, parents get to decide how much their child can spend, and the added funds can be used for all sorts of purchases, including games, in-game items, and apps. According to Microsoft, this is also a great way for parents to reward their kids for certain tasks they achieve, like finishing their homework or wrapping up their chores on time.
  • Ask to Buy: With this feature, parents receive a notification every time their child wants to make a purchase but doesn’t have sufficient funds for the same. Parents can either add more money to their account, make the purchase on their child’s behalf (if it’s a game or app) or deny the request.
  • View account balance: Parents can keep an eye on how much money their children have in their account and decide whether they want to add more funds. Additionally, parents can also check their child’s spending history to keep track of their recent purchases.

The Xbox Family Settings app is available on both iOS and Android. You can get more information about the Xbox Family Settings app over here. Also, check out the latest additions to the Xbox Game Pass for July.

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