Xbox Game Streaming doesn’t officially support Chromebooks or Android TV

Xbox Game Streaming doesn’t officially support Chromebooks or Android TV

But you can probably run it anyway

The arrival of Xbox Game Streaming is a big deal because it means Android users have access to over 150 Xbox games on their smartphone or tablet. Unfortunately, the new service won’t be supported on Chromebooks or Android TV — at least not officially.

Following yesterday’s launch, the Xbox Support Twitter account (via Android Central) clarified that the service won’t run on “modified, alternate, or emulated versions of Android OS.” The tweet specifically singles out Chrome OS, Amazon’s Fire OS, Android TV, Android Auto, BlueStacks, and for some reason, OnePlus’s OxygenOS. The service also won’t be available on iOS, but that’s because of Apple’s asinine App Store restrictions.


While Microsoft says that these platforms won’t support the cloud gaming service, that doesn’t mean they’ll refuse to run on them. OnePlus devices, which run OxygenOS, appear to run the service just fine. Chromebooks like the Google Pixelbook also appear to be able to run the service, while users have also figured out how to run Xbox Game Streaming on Android TV devices like the NVIDIA SHIELD. BlueStacks has also put out a blog post instructing users on how to get Xbox Game Streaming up and running on the company’s Android emulator for PC.

At least for now, Microsoft’s service seems to run on devices with modified, alternate, or emulated versions of Android, despite what the company implies on Twitter. However, it is true that these platforms aren’t officially supported, so don’t be surprised if you encounter issues while playing Xbox Game Streaming on an unsupported device.

Xbox Game Streaming features over 150 playable titles (the full list is here) and is available in 22 countries. The service requires an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription which costs $1 for the first month and $14.99 per month after that.

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