Best Buy’s three-day Microsoft sale lets you save on laptops, tablets, and even has the Xbox Series S available!

Best Buy’s three-day Microsoft sale lets you save on laptops, tablets, and even has the Xbox Series S available!

Yes, that’s right–Best Buy has the Xbox Series S in stock, and they’ve been in stock long enough for me to write this article. All morning, in fact! As part of their Microsoft three-day sale, Best Buy has a slew of digital-only consoles in stock, and they’re pretty nice for those on a budget. Not to mention the discounts on items like the Surface Pro and the Surface Duo!

You may be wondering, though, how Best Buy has managed to hold onto stock this long. That’s because the Series S is only available via Xbox All-Access. All-Access is a special program where you get the console and Game Pass Ultimate for $25 a month for 24 months. While it’s 0% APR, it’s not exactly enticing for scalpers to pay for the console they want to flip for two years–and it’s not like you can snap up a bunch of them at once as it requires personal information. So If you want an Xbox Series S and don’t mind hopping onto a payment plan, you’ll be able to take advantage of this during the Microsoft three-day sale!

    Get the Xbox Series S console and 24 months of Xbox Game Pass for $25 a month, for $24 months! That'll add up to a total of $600.

If you pick up the console, you might want to pick up some gift cards so you can play some games! Xbox gift cards are currently 10% off, and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (which comes with Xbox games, PC games, and Xbox Live Gold) is $9 off. The gift card deal is perfect, as gift cards don’t go on sale that often! If you grabbed a Series S from the sale, you probably wouldn’t need additional months of Game Pass Ultimate, but it’s cool that’s it’s on sale for PC gamers or those that already have the newest-gen console!

But this is the Microsoft three-day sale, not the “hurray the Xbox Series S stayed in stock for more than fifteen minutes” sale. There are plenty of other products to look at that you can save big on!

Take, for instance, up to $380 off the Surface Pro 7. The 4GB Intel Core i3 model of the popular tablet is down to just $579, which puts it into the same range as similar spec laptops with less functionality than the tablet. Meanwhile, the 8GB Intel Core i5 model is $200 off and down to $700, and it’s really powerful. You can basically do anything but game on it… and depending on the game, you can even do that. I mean, it wouldn’t be games that run on the Xbox Series S, but that’d be a hard task for most tablets. Best Buy didn’t forget about the accessories either, as you can save $40 total on select accessories.

So, did you pick up an Xbox Series S? Or are you planning on picking up something else? The Microsoft three-day sale only lasts until Sunday, so don’t delay!

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