Your Xbox Series X/S controller can memorize Bluetooth pairings for easy switching

Your Xbox Series X/S controller can memorize Bluetooth pairings for easy switching

Here’s a helpful tip for those who use an Xbox Series X/S controller for gaming: The peripheral has a “memory sync” feature that allows users to easily switch between devices likes the Xbox, PC, and mobile.

First noted by users on Reddit a few months ago and then recently highlighted by Timo Wolf on Twitter, the feature makes cross-platform gaming a little more seamless. The feature is only now coming to light because there doesn’t appear to be any official documentation explaining how it works. That’s where the internet comes in.

“Using your Xbox Series X/S controller with console & PC/mobile for Xbox Game Pass frequently? Xbox Series controllers can memorize sync!” Wolf wrote on Twitter.


To use the feature, just follow the steps below:

  • Hold sync to recall the last PC/mobile device (flashing 2-3x)
  • Double-tap sync to switch back to your Xbox (flash once)

If you’re still unsure about how to best execute the feature, Wolf made a video showing it in action. It’s like using a keyboard with multi-device support to quickly switch between multiple devices.

“Important: Learned through feedback this does not work to switch between Xbox & Xbox Wireless Adapter,” Wolf said. “Only Xbox & Bluetooth connection.”

The feature right now works with Xbox, PC, and Android devices. Speaking of which, the upcoming release of iOS 14.5, which will include App Tracking Transparency, will also include support for Xbox Series X/S controllers, so we’ll see if the syncing feature is also supported.

To be fair, Microsoft did acknowledge the feature’s existence when it talked about the Series X’s controller at the beginning of 2020. There just doesn’t appear to be much documentation educating users. “The new controller also remembers multiple devices so switching between them is more seamless,” Xbox’s Ryan Whitaker previously explained.

Wolf said this feature doesn’t work with older Xbox One controllers, nor does it appear to work with the Xbox Elite 2 controller.

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