XDA 2015 Forum Redesign Now Live!

XDA 2015 Forum Redesign Now Live!

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We’ve been working for a full six months, and today our forum redesign goes live. We’ll still be working through small bugs over the next few weeks, but we’re finally ready for prime time. The “2015” template is quantifiably faster and just all-around better than the old design. We’ve reduced unnecessary clutter, optimized the code, improve readability with proper levels of contrast, while taking some inspiration from the latest design trends such as Card UI and Material Design. The new hovering top bar gives you fast access to search, notifications, mentions/quotes, and a list of your favorite forums. This bar will soon also show up here on the Portal when we launch the Portal redesign, finally unifying the Portal/Forums for the first time in XDA’s history.

We also spent a lot of time making the new template responsive. The 2015 template will reconfigure itself to prevent side-scrolling and to maximize the content viewing experience. This responsiveness translates all the way down to mobile and tablets, where we were able to offer a desktop-like experience with lower page load times and much improved usability. We will be releasing a new mobile app, XDA One, in beta in the next few days, which will further improve the mobile experience. XDA One is built entirely in-house and we’ll be open sourcing it so that the community can be a part of its development.

Along with the 2015 theme, we’re launching the 2015 Dark template, with CSS designed by Senior Moderator GermainZ. It’s dark, very dark, for those who want an alternative to the whites and grays found in the main forum template. To access 2015 Dark, click here.

As with any work of development, we’re not done yet. Because it’s impossible to test every configuration, bugs still exist in the 2015 theme and we’ll be working nonstop to address them. If you want, you can stay on the 2013 template by using the template picker in the bottom left corner of the forums. We’ve also got some other goodies coming in the coming weeks and months. To report bugs or request features, head on over to the Official 2015 Theme Bugs and Issues thread. A huge thanks to the XDA development team: Dave, Randy, and Owen, who made this all possible.