XDA-Developers Portal Celebrates Its First Year!

XDA-Developers Portal Celebrates Its First Year!

January 16th 2010: The first article of our freshly new Portal make its way and go online

We have reached our first year of the Portal! Thanks to all the members who have contributed with your comments!
After one year online, we have brought you more than 2,200 articles, reviews, interviews, and many more  articles intended to let all know about the great minds around xda-developers. Their work is what brings us the best free applications, tweaks, tutorials, tips, etc. Since the Portal was launched, we have seen our little community grow into something that is not so little anymore. Some of the radical changes of the Portal were

– Complete re-design of the home page or “Portal”
– Change in Administration and introduction of News Writing Team
– Introduction of Rating System for Apps and Guides
– List of Upcoming Devices
– Suggested Content System

… and much more

The Portal also serves as a very nice gauge for the popularity of this site. You don’t believe us? Check out the numbers below (which will also show a bit of how the Portal has grown)

Page views (in millions):

  • February: 1.34
  • June: 3.55
  • August: 4.11
  • September: 3.9
  • October: 4.3
  • November: 4.2
  • December: 4.4 – 4.5

(note that December are projected figures as we had not accounted all the traffic at the time of gathering this number)

It´s only our first year, but we have a lot to celebrate! Leaving your comment and spreading the news is greatly appreciated! If you think that this year was full chuck of surprises for XDA, just you wait. As the song goes, “the best is yet to come”.

Congratulations and thanks to all Members, Moderators, Developers, Chefs, News Writers and Administrators that help maintain XDA-developers!!

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