XDA-Developers Wishes You a Happy New Year!

XDA-Developers Wishes You a Happy New Year!

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2016 is finally coming to a close – in fact, it might already be over for you – and it was definitely an exciting year for smartphones, Android and our development community. We saw amazing new devices and gadgets, the massive Android Nougat update and useful modifications and apps come from our forums.

For us at the XDA Portal, this year was one of change, where we further strengthened the content model we embraced in 2015. We published more technical analyses, in-depth explanations of important topics and issues, we dug deeper and deeper with our reviews and our editorials managed to start a few neat conversations as well. The site has grown and our readerbase has expanded, with insightful comments and discussions developing under every major feature — we enjoy all of it, even the trolls, and it’s that interaction what ultimately makes writing lengthy articles and reviews so rewarding.

We’d like to thank everyone who reads our articles, follows our writers and helps us improve our content through feedback and discussion. Personally, I am grateful to engage in conversation with all of the frequent readers that follow my work and send messages to me on XDA or social media. XDA is, at its core, a community of developers and enthusiasts, so we want the Portal to represent that as well.

We wish you a very happy 2017, and hope that you start the year with the right foot to find success in your endeavors! Thank you for reading the XDA Portal and/or contributing to the community through our forums. If you want to contribute to the XDA Portal and write analysis, editorials and phone reviews, you can apply for a position by submitting this form.

Stay tuned for an even better year of all things XDA!

  • Mario Serrafero, XDA Portal Editor-in-Chief