XDA No Longer Recommends Dev-Host

XDA No Longer Recommends Dev-Host

2019 Edit: The domain that Dev-Host was using is now serving up spammy ads and no longer offering those files for download. In order to combat that nuisance to the internet, we have replaced all links to Dev-Host with a redirect to this page. Check with the original poster to see if they can re-upload the file to one of the recommended providers below. Sorry for the inconvenience!

You might recall that back in 2012 we formed a relationship with file hosting site Dev-Host that granted XDA Recognized Developers/Themers/Contributors a free premium membership. It started off good, but then we started hearing about  excessive ads that simulate download buttons, fly-by malware APK attacks from Mobogenie, and reused (and potentially dangerous) short URLs. We’ve tried to work with Dev-Host to fix some of these issues, but they haven’t been willing to change their ways. And so we no longer recommend that XDA users (whether RD/RT/RC or not) use this service, and consider the many other (free) file hosting sites such as AndroidFileHost, Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, etc.

If you’ve ever made a thread on XDA that includes a Dev-Host link, we strongly encourage you to re-upload it to another file storage provider and repost the link back into the thread. That way, you’ll be helping the community purge these odious links. In a month from now, we will no longer allow new outgoing links to Dev-Host. We are currently in discussion with some popular, reliable sharing hosts to provide the best options for our developers and users. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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