Change Your Device Theme to XDA Colors with ChocoUI

Change Your Device Theme to XDA Colors with ChocoUI

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Seeing a theme covered here on XDA portal isn’t too common. We don’t often like to play favorites and feature a particular piece of creative work, as creating a good theme requires lots of time and skills. But sometimes we make exceptions, especially when the project that we want to present to you is different from most available on XDA.

For a few years now, the XDA-Developers forum has offered a default color scheme that has come to represent “home” to many users. This is of course the chocolate-like brown that we see in the forums and here on the XDA Portal. Using this as inspiration, XDA Recognized Contributor EnricoD created a theme that changes the look of your OS into… XDA! As described by the author himself:

XDAdev’s caramel lovingly dipped in either white or dark/milky hearty chocolate finished with Swappa’s pistachio

It’s really hard to find a better description for the color scheme used in this theme. Practically every UI element is designed to match the XDA style.

The theme will work only on ROMs with native theme support (e.g. CyanogenMod, ParanoidAndroid, AOKP, and so on). If this theme doesn’t work, you will have to look into finding a compatible ROM.

This theme is perfect for every XDA addict. It’s unique because of its color scheme, and a must-have for many addicted users of our forum. If you are looking for download, the ChocoUI theme thread is the best place to get started.