XDA Interviews Carl Pei

XDA Interviews Carl Pei

OnePlus entered the Android market by providing spec’d out phones with excellent prices–a dream for the enthusiast market. This combination has been so successful that their latest phone, the OnePlus 3, has become the most popular device on XDA in a relatively short amount of time.

XDA Editor-in-Chief Mario Serrafero had a lengthy talk with Carl Pei, co-founder of OnePlus, about the direction of the company and its place in the market. They cover other topics like software updates, competition, OnePlus’ stance on the developer community, and more.

Interview with Carl Pei from OnePlus Part 1: OnePlus Story and Direction, Current Smartphone Market, Google’s Pixel Phones & More

Up until now, there has not been a real Android flagship that could compete with Apple … That is why the Pixel launch is very interesting to us

The people that buy our product in the very beginning are the ones who take the greatest leap of faith, so you should respect these people the most

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Interview with Carl Pei from OnePlus Part 2: OxygenOS, Software Updates, User Feedback, UX Criticism & More

Optic AMOLED for the OnePlus 3 was mainly just tweaks and calibrations (…) we wanted users to understand that it’s getting better and better

We’re actually really grateful towards Cyanogen, because back in the day, no one knew about us

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Interview with Carl Pei from OnePlus Part 3: Priorities, Cameras, Future Phones and the Developer Community

Going forward, we actually want to be known as having one of the best cameras

Like I said we kind of look to redeem ourselves with the OnePlus 3, and I don’t think it’s bragging if I say that we kind of have! But that wouldn’t have been possible if all these people had not given us another chance.

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