XDA is Partnering with Droidcon UK 2017 and the droidcon2gether Weekend

XDA is Partnering with Droidcon UK 2017 and the droidcon2gether Weekend

Droidcon UK, one of the best 2 day conferences focusing on Android in Europe, is taking place at the Business Design Centre in London on October 26th and October 27th. With more than 60 experts on all things Android, fans of XDA are likely to love this event, or at least find something they are interested in. Tickets are still available for both days, but are going fast!. XDA-Developers, being sponsors of the event, will be covering the event via XDA TV and the Portal, and will have a few of our representatives there: TK from XDA TV, our Community Relations Lead Jeremy Meiss, XDA Feed and Labs developer Jeff Corcoran, a few of our Recognized Developers, and myself (Adam Conway).

Just like previous years, we will be covering the event and anything interesting which unfolds. For all those in attendance, feel free to drop by, say hello to us and members of the Honor team, grab some swag, enter to win something from our friends at Aukey, NVIDIA, and more, and also ask us any questions you may have!

I’ve highlighted a couple of talks that I personally find extremely interesting to both fans of Android and developers alike, but there are loads more that look fantastic too! There’s an amazing selection of talks to attend, where you can expand your knowledge on many topics relating even only loosely to Android. With general development tips, AI and more, there’s something for everyone.

Droids to Drones

This year at Droidcon London, “Droids to Drones” is a fun event to test out the Droidcon drone simulation experience. Students can also join The Navigation Challenge, which is a challenge to program a drone with the DJI SDK to autonomously traverse an obstacle course. At the end of the first day there will also be a drone race!

Keynote Android: A Retrospective





Looking forward to this Keynote with Chet and Romain!

The Baddest Android Advice in All The Land




“Some of the best Android developers will share some of the worst advice you could take when building an Android app. Make no mistake about it, this session is no joking matter. Why learn, when you can repeat the mistakes of others… or maybe it was the other way round?”

Resource Overlays




“Has R.java ever made you wonder what exactly those strange number IDs mean? Do you want to know what powers the theming engines on your favorite devices and mods? In this talk you will learn from the creators of Runtime resource overlays exactly how resources are implemented in Android, how to use them most efficiently and further more how to replace them, split them and do just about anything with them using tools of OEMs and modders.”

One to 10x – Tools that give you superpowers





“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. The reality of the 10x developer myth is just that – it’s just developers who master their environment. The truth is we can become massively more productive by using what’s readily available and merely a few google searches away.

In this talk you will learn how to become a better developer by mastering our development environment and the universe of tools at our disposal. From the hidden depths of Android Studio and Gradle to the wide open fields of awesome open source utilities and services that border on magical.

How well do You know your tools?”

Smarter Growth, Powered by Google’s Machine Learning




“The games industry is growing at a rapid pace, but more importantly – becoming more sophisticated as technology, player demographics, motivations and community participation becomes more diverse. As a result, marketers are tasked with finding smarter and more efficient ways to engage high-value users. Using over a decade of machine learning technology, Google is driving innovations in growth and monetization across the player lifecycle. Alex Newby, Google app promotion specialist, will share with you how to combine the power of data and technology to drive profitable growth for your games business.”

So come check out the event, and drop by the XDA booth and say hi! We will be there for both days and the Droidcon Hackathon through the weekend afterward!


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