XDA Labs Still Fastest Way to Browse Forums (2017 Update)

XDA Labs Still Fastest Way to Browse Forums (2017 Update)


About a year ago we launched XDA Labs as our new Android app. After many updates and improvements, it’s still the best way to browse the XDA forums. XDA Labs is built entirely in-house and is the best way to access the forums while on mobile. It’s fully Material Design, ad-free, and fast. Here are some of the best features you’ll find in XDA Labs.

Fastest Browsing Experience

This has been the main focus of improvement for the last year. The app loads pages from the forum at incredible speeds. Swiping through the pages of a thread is nearly instant.


Subscribe to Threads and Forums

Subscribe to specific threads or forums and access them all on one page. You can even create shortcuts that will appear on your homescreen that can take you to the forums you are subscribed to.


You will receive an alert for every new private message or mention you get. For nougat devices, expand the notification from your lockscreen to see the contents of the PM.

App Store

The app store is a great place to find apks for beta apps or anything that might not be available on the Play store. It’s the best way for developers to release alpha and beta version of their apps to the community.


XDA Labs also has access to the entire library of xposed modules. For those of you with a rooted device and xposed framework installed, this is the best way to find new mods to try out.

Quick Actions

Quick action support lets to launch right into the my device or forums section.


Tablet Support

We also have tablet support. The XDA threads will look just as good on your big screen.

XDA Play Store App

If you’re not interested in the extra features like the app store or exposed modules, you can get the stand alone forum app from the Play store.


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