XDA and Leaseweb: Server Trial/Moto 360 Contest (Winners!)

XDA and Leaseweb: Server Trial/Moto 360 Contest (Winners!)

About a month ago, we held a contest along with XDA’s host, Leaseweb, to give away a handful of server trials along with a Moto 360 (as the grand prize). To win, participants had to describe how they would use hosting services from Leaseweb as it relates to developing for Android. The best answer came from XDA Forum Member alireza7991, and he’s going to be getting a new Moto 360 as well as a free server trial.

Click “read on” to see his full response. Additionally, four other XDA Members will be getting a server trial because of their creative answers. Those four winners are ddggttff3, bassie1995, varun.chitre15, and MaR-V-iN. The winners will be contacted via PM with more details. LeaseWeb had this to say about the contest:

Many thanks to all the contestants, we were delighted and inspired by your use cases. We’ve seen that XDA is one of the most creative online communities in the world. We’re proud to work with you and hope, together, to help push the boundaries of mobile technology.

Here is alireza7991’s winning answer:

I need a LeaseWeb server for these two purposes:

1- Configurable Cross Compilers:

Cross compilers are used to compile Android ROMs and kernel . Nowadays there are few prebuilt cross-compilers available around the net which will make developers be limited to few possible configuration. my idea is to build many cross compilers with different configurations (e.g different targets, libcs, floating point policies, OSes and …) and let developers to choose the one which fits in their case. this will make ROMs, kernels and applications compiled with these cross-compiler, be faster and better. To make this idea possible I need to build 30-60 cross-compiler for each release; since a build takes 30 minutes on my dual core PC, 30-60 PC will take 2-3 days to build on my PC. this is the reason I need a LeaseWeb server to build them , A server with 8/16-cores and few GB of RAM can perform this in 3-4 hours. I can also host built files which are 4-5 GB, this is useful too because my personal net speed upload speed is 50kb/s so it will take some days to upload file …

Needed server configurations:
OS: any linux based distribution
CPU: 8 or 16 cores
RAM: 2 GB or more
Storage: 20 GB or more

2- Alireza OS (first advanced operating system for mobile devices):

I was working on porting linux softwares to Android for 4-5 months and I made this projects :


After that I decided to create a complete linux-distribution which runs on android devices and brings most linux tools to Android devices. I have built a beta release which is available from here:


But the problem is that when I try to expand project to include more softwares it becomes much hardware resource consuming which my PC cannot handle it; also a single build takes 3-4 hours because my PC is not so powerful. a LeaseWeb server can help this project alot.

Needed server configurations:

OS: any linux based distribution
CPU: 4 or more cores
RAM: 4 GB or more
Storage: 200 GB or more

Once again, congratulations to the winners and to everyone who entered the competition. You will be contacted via PM shortly.

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