XDA Partners With Sub-Reddit r/Android For Podcast!

XDA Partners With Sub-Reddit r/Android For Podcast!

I am excited to announce that XDA-Developers.com has teamed up with the popular sub-Reddit r/Android. As part of this new partnership, we will be bringing you loads of new content starting today with our inaugural joint podcast! The podcast will bring you the best news each week from the perspective of the XDA team, r/android mods, admins and users, with some special guests joining us soon to cover specialist topics. Each week you can find our latest episode here, on Youtube, Pocketcasts and on your favorite podcast app through the RSS feed: http://www.buzzsprout.com/49234.rss

In our first episode, we cover the latest Nexus phones, the upcoming Blackberry Venice, the Snapdragon 820 and more, all from an enthusiast perspective.


Today’s cast includes:
Mario Serrafero: Twitter
Mathew Bloomer Brack: Twitter
Brett James: Twitter
Corey Feiock: Twitter
Daniel Marchena: Youtube
Anthony Ardizzone: Twitter

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Thanks for listening, see you next week!

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