XDA Partners With YU On Official Device Forum

XDA Partners With YU On Official Device Forum

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Here at XDA we understand that the members of the mobile community can influence the success of an OEM, for better or worse. This is based largely on how seriously the OEM takes the community and how well they engage it, or in the case of some who languish – how well they don’t. There are many ways on XDA to engage the community, from competitions to working with developers to answering questions and issues that users have right on XDA.

Recently we talked about a new OEM in India, YU Televentures, and their partnership with Cyanogen to begin selling devices in India. We’re also pleased to announce that XDA will be hosting the Official Device Forum for the brand and their first device, the YUREKA.

YU is a brand that has a vision to redefine the way people think about technology and engage with the community. YU helps create the extraordinary, invent newer ways, discover beyond the obvious and play limitless. The YUREKA is going on sale the 13th of January exclusively via Amazon.in, and they will provide kernel sources and build tree on Day 1 of the phone release. They also have plans to provide tutorials on how to build kernels and such for their device(s) via their Official Support Forum.

We are excited to see a new OEM enter the scene and from the start be committed to working with the community.