Re-evaluating the Minimum Requirements for current XDA Recognized Developers

Re-evaluating the Minimum Requirements for current XDA Recognized Developers

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For years, the Recognized Developer program has been giving recognition to XDA’s most important assets – developers. Apart from the prestige, the developers are also getting many perks, like a bigger inbox, access to a build server, and more.

One of the Developer Committee’s tasks is keeping the Recognized Developer group as active as possible. To ensure that all of our Recognized Developers meet the criteria, we conduct a yearly evaluation, which should distinguish those members who actively contribute to their projects from those who do not. I, therefore, am announcing another assessment of our current Recognized Developer body.

What does this mean?

If you are holding the Recognized Developer title and reading this news, your title is most likely safe. The primary purpose of the program is finding those developers who abandoned their projects or lost the interest of the site altogether. Recognized Developers are expected to maintain at least two projects for some time and have high personal culture on the forum. You can read more about it here. We have taken all of the above into consideration while performing the evaluation.

Changing the permissions for such a significant number of members is a tedious task and will require some time. Those developers who received a negative opinion should receive a private message within a couple of days. As we, the Developer Committee, are humans (hard to imagine, I know), we are happy to receive feedback – both negative and positive. Feel free to contact me or any other members by sending a private message.

Last, but not least, we strongly encourage all non-Recognized Developers to join the ranks. If you feel that your work meets the minimum requirements, please take a moment to fill the Recognized Developer form. Don’t be shy – we have cookies. 😉

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