XDA/Android Podcast Episode 9: “Size Doesn’t Matter”

XDA/Android Podcast Episode 9: “Size Doesn’t Matter”

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The XDA/Android podcast will bring you the best news each week from the perspective of the XDA team, r/android mods, admins and users. Each week you can find our latest episode here, on Youtube, Pocketcasts and on your favorite podcast app through the RSS feed: http://www.buzzsprout.com/49234.rss

In today’s podcast, the team discusses budget holiday devices, the issues with Android tablets,and how Android has both changed and adjusted to developing markets, and why flagships are not dead. Join us in the conversation and let us know what we should discuss next episode!

Today’s cast includes:

Mario Serrafero: Twitter
Daniel Marchena: YouTube
Anthony Ardizzone: Twitter

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