Connect ALL THE THINGS with Xender

Connect ALL THE THINGS with Xender

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Smartphones, with all of their all connectivity options courtesy of OEMs, can easily connect themselves with various other devices. Android itself doesn’t give you too many options when it comes to file sharing, so you need external apps that allow you to share the content of your device or use your PC to browse phones memory wirelessly.

One app that allows you to connect with other phones to share your photos, applications, and other media files easily is Xender. The application comes courtesy of XDA Forum Member AnMobi, and it can connect two phones or a phone and your PC–without cables. You can even connect your Android phones to iPhones or iPads to easily share data with them.

If your phone is rooted, you can do such fancy things like share photos on your PC screen, send text messages, and more. Xender for PC uses the webpage to connect with the PC. In other words, your screen data is transmitted through the cloud similarly to what you would see in other remote desktop server/clients like Jump Desktop or Chrome Remote Desktop. While this isn’t the best for those who are browsing sensitive information on their devices, it does make the connection very easy and lets you get set up by just scanning a QR code with built-in scanner. Everything looks neat and works quite fast.

You can easily use your phone to share data with your friends or control your devices by sitting right in front of your computer. All you need is Xender and the Xender for PC applications. You can download them from the Xender Screen and Data Sharing and Xender File Sharing threads.